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02veeballday07allday13th ICC International Commercial Mediation CompetitionParis, France, • English


The ICC Mediation Competition is the world’s largest moot exclusively devoted to international commercial mediation. The 13th edition of the Competition will be held in Paris from 2-7 February 2018.

What began in 2006 with just ten teams, now boasts an impressive 66 specially selected teams—representing 32 countries throughout the world.

Taking place over the course of six days, students from diverse backgrounds will compete in around 150 mock sessions to resolve international business disputes through mediation. Teams must adhere to the most current version of the ICC Mediation Rules and are guided by professionals.

More than 130 mediators and mediation trainers give their time to the Competition each year. Some act as mediators, making use of their own experience in resolving cross-border disputes. Others take on the role of judges, assessing each team’s negotiating and problem-solving skills, as well as their ability to make good use of the mediator.

Paired with training programmes and a variety of social events, ICC’s biggest educational event of the year provides a once-in-a-life opportunity for young talented students and experienced professionals alike to forge relationships, build skills and share best practices.

Please note that participants—both students and professionals—have already been confirmed for the 2018 event. However, the Organising Committee is still accepting applications for volunteers.

Read further information about the prestigious Competition and its past winners.


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